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Mobile navigation redesign

Scentbird, 2020

The original navigation became a mix of unrelated items as service grew.

User testing highlighted lots of areas for improvement. After card sorting and user interviews, I redesigned information architecture and UI. The gradual rollout took six months: we tested new navigation on different groups of users.

As a result, core user stories were accomplished 20% faster and the number of errors reduced.

Scentbird product card redesign

Product card

Scentbird, 2019

Picking fragrance online is tough! I asked 20+ Scentbird’s power users how they do it, and their answers manifested in the card you see. It is at least four times bigger than the original and has more info, but the performance grew.

Users added 50% more products from this design, which is crucial for subscription service. This design played a key role in the fragrance recommender.